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Grabba has Windows support

The Grabba range of Data Capture attachments includes the S-Series, Q-Series and Z-Series. All our Grabba devices are integrated into our Software Development kit so your software developer only has to write their application once. Never before has your developer been able to write the workplace application once and deploy it across the enterprise with such an array of Grabba devices.

With Grabba you can also mix and match technologies across your customer’s workplace.

Some may only need one technology (such as barcode scanning) while other tasks may need multiple technologies (such as barcode scanning, card reading and RFID). You can do all of this with Grabba attachments. Don’t let your application be restricted by the technologies you can use. Grabba is your best choice.
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Windows developers have several options to integrate Grabba technology into their application.

The Grabba driver for Windows is presently distributed as pair of Visual Studio extensions - one for Windows 8.1; the other for Windows Phone 8.1. To develop “universal” applications, which can be built for phones and tablets using shared source code, both extensions must be installed.