grabba z series law enforcement

Grabba can supply single technology units and also combination units with multiple identity related technologies including passport and visa ‘machine readable zone’ scanners, Mifare contactless readers for ePassports, contact smartcard readers, magnetic stripe card readers, signature capture devices, and 2D barcode scanners for scanning flight boarding passes and eTickets.

Grabba devices are already being used in border control and law enforcement applications across the world. A Law Enforcement Grabba would be a valuable asset for any operator needing secure, ‘mobile’ border control and other mobile biometric applications. Grabba attachments are available for a range of Smartphones and PDA handheld devices, including Windows Mobile devices, BlackBerry Smartphones, Apple iPod/iPhone devices, Android devices and Tablets.

Grabba Z-Series made for law enforcement in hand

Where would the Grabba units be used?

Grabba Law Enforcement units as a group are designed to be a reliable mobile tool for Law Enforcement officers. The Grabba units are self-powered by rechargeable Li-Ion batteries and can be used for the full working shift without recharging. They can even recharge the Smartphone battery when a Grabba Battery expansion pack is fitted. The Grabba and Smartphone combination is a mobile unit. The only limitation on functionality is the network coverage for the Smartphone to communicate with the customers server.

For these reasons the Grabba/Smartphone combination can be an invaluable tool for Law Enforcement. Here are some example uses:

  • The Grabba can help with the automation of traveller processing at border crossings. The Grabba can be used to carry out random document checks at the border entry point or anywhere in the terminal or port to confirm either suspicious persons or confirm validity of the documents/information presented for automated entry. For shipping this entry check can be carried out on the ship if required. The Grabba can be used as the primary document checker/authoriser, as a mobile adjunct to a fixed installation or it can be used as an overflow processor when the entry points are too overloaded.
  • Where kiosks are being used it is often necessary to assist users in the processing of their clearance. It also sometimes necessary to confirm the validity of documents by staff who are assisting these travellers. With the Grabba this staff member can capture these documents and have results that are meant for their eyes only without using the kiosk.
  • A common retail term is “Queue Busting”. This is where the staff member goes out into the queue of people and takes their order remotely to reduce the size of the queue or to speed up processing. With the Grabba, officers will be able to also do this either to properly separate people into the correct queues or to carry out preliminary processing of people so that the primary processing task is more efficient.
  • As the Grabba can be fitted with a multitude of data capture devices, its ability to confirm identity and documents is unsurpassed in a mobile device. The brief given to Grabba by a large Law Enforcement agency put simply was “I want to be able to read any identity document someone gives me”. We are proud to say we achieved that. From barcode, credit cards, driver licenses, banking cards, ePassports, identity cards, military ID cards, Fingerprints and more, the Grabba can read them all.
  • The Grabba is used by Law Enforcement around the world so it is designed with ICAO standards in mind. One of the benefits of these standards is that the embedded facial image on the RFID chip is available to the user of the Grabba to view on the smartphone. This allows officers to confirm the facial image on the ePassport with the passport printed image and also the person who has presented it.
  • As the Grabba/Smartphone combination can operate independent of local infrastructure the Grabba/smartphone combination can be used to process travellers where the normal infrastructure has failed due to power or technical issues.
  • In time of emergency evacuations, sometimes the evacuees have very little identification and they are repatriated to areas where there is no permanent Law Enforcement presence. With the Grabba, identity checks using whatever identification is available is available from anywhere in the world either the evacuation point, the point of departure or the point of arrival.

Future Proofing

With Grabba you can continue to upgrade your Smartphone if a better more suitable device is released. The capital cost of the Grabba units will not be lost. We are committed to the future and will be able to upgrade your initial investment to another supported smartphone at a fraction of the initial cost. This exclusive Grabba feature provides a very low Total Cost of Ownership for the Grabba units.