grabba retail


Grabba devices are ideal for use in the retail sector. Fast accurate barcode scanning, RFID and Card Reading technologies coupled with the latest Smartphones make the overall solution attractive and cost effective.

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law grabba

Law Enforcement / Border Protection

Law enforcement agencies can verify the authenticity and validate all the identity credentials in common use with a Grabba. Once the credential has been read, this data can be verified against a central database using the Smartphone. With a Grabba you can read 1D & 2D Barcodes, Magnetic Stripe Cards, Contact SmartCards, MRZ codes used on passports, Visas and identity cards, RFID credentials and capture fingerprint images with ISO standard templates or WSQ compression for linking to databases used in Law Enforcement.

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access control secutiry

Access Control - Security

Grabba devices are used in the security sector for Access Control tasks. Utilising genuine HID iClass and eProx readers the Grabba and smartphone is able to interrogate security tokens such as cards and keys.

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grabba logistics freight

Warehousing - Logistics - Freight

Every parcel or shipment carries a barcode or RFID identifier. With a Grabba coupled to a smartphone your drivers can now use consumer model smartphones to reduce cost and increase efficiency.

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