Grabba MRZ reader is fast, accurate mobile, lightweight and easy to use. It is commonly combined, in the one Grabba unit, with the High Frequency Mifare RFID reader which takes the code read by the MRZ reader and accesses the embedded chip in an ICAO compliant e-Passport, thereby providing complete verification.

Airlines, Airports and Law Enforcement also utilize a Grabba unit that contains the MRZ reader and RFID reader combined with the Grabba area imaging barcode scanner with driver’s license enhancement to read, decrypt where necessary, and parse every driver’s license in the US and Canada. Adding a fingerprint reader to the above combination provides a complete, mobile, handheld ID checking system that is now used in Border Protection and Law Enforcement in the US and several other countries.

The Grabba innovative and configurable design allows the user to select not only the MRZ reader, but also up to five other technologies to include in the one Grabba unit, so as to precisely and cost-effectively meet the needs of the use case.

Another advantage of the unique Grabba design is that it allows Grabba units to be simply upgraded to work with later model smartphones and to add other technologies without the need to purchase new Grabba units. This substantially reduces the Total Cost of Ownership of Grabba units.

For first pass reading, get a Grabba

Grabba MRZ reader reads the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) in Machine Readable Passports (MRP), Visas (MRV) and OCRB encoded cards such as the US Resident Alien card and Worldwide National ID cards. In addition, APACS debit and credit documents can be read (APACS standards 3.1and 3.2, respectively), together with E13B, OCRB and mixed E13B and OCRB fonts.

The Grabba MRZ scanner is an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) swipe reader that is able to decode the information contained in the MRZ area and supports:

Hardware and Software for Basic Access Control (BAC) which is a mechanism that ensures only authorized parties can wirelessly read personal information from passports with an RFID chip.

Hardware for Extended Access Control (EAC), which is a set of advanced security features for electronic passports that protects and restricts access to sensitive personal data contained in the RFID chip

Grabba Series XX40
Standard OCR fonts OCR-B, E13B
Machine readable passports (MRP) 2 lines of 44 characters
Machine readable visas (MRV) 2 lines of 44 characters
Travel documents 2 lines of 36 characters
3 lines of 30 characters
Field of view object height 19.6 mm nominal
ICAO Compliant ICAO 9303
Standard ISO/IEC 7501-1

PDFMachine Readable Zone Series - MRZ Technologies