Grabba Magnetic Stripe readers are used to read identification cards, transport cards, security cards, membership cards and stored payment cards. Common users are Retailers, Mobile Sales Forces, Membership and Loyalty Programs, Hospitality, Public Infraestructure, Health Insurance Companies and Payment Verifiers.

We have years of experience in the use and manufacture of Magnetic Stripe readers. We offer only the best Magnetic Stripe reading technologies to ensure that your customer cards are read quickly, easily and reliably.

The Grabba innovative and configurable design allows the user to select not only the Magnetic Stripe reader, but also up to five other technologies to include in the one Grabba unit, so as to precisely and cost-effectively meet the needs of the use case. Those other technologies include Barcode scanners, MRZ (passport) readers, Fingerprint readers, Contact Smartcard readers and RFID reader.

Another advantage of the unique Grabba design is that it allows Grabba units to be simply upgraded to work with later model smartphones and to add other technologies without the need to purchase new Grabba units. This substantially reduces the Total Cost of Ownership of Grabba units.

Multi Track Reading
The advanced multitrack reading head incorporated in the Grabba Magnetic Stripe reader will read 1, 2 or 3 track cards even if they are old or badly damaged.

Superior Reading Performance
The Grabba Magnetic Stripe reader is extremely fast and reliable with a life expectancy of 1,000,000 passes.

Reads All Card Formats
Our Magnetic Stripe reader can read cards compliant with ISO7810, 7811, ANSI and AAMVA. Our technology even allows to read proprietary encoded format cards thanks to our Grabba SDK.

Grabba Series X020
Number of Tracks 3
Compatibilty with Standards ISO 7810, ISO 7811, ANSI, AAMVA
Proprietary Encoded Card Reading Available via SDK
Read Speed (standard 75-210bpi data) 7 - 250 cm/Sec
Life Expectancy 1,000,000 passes for dual track / 300,000 passes for single track
Operating Temperature -30° to +70° C (-22° to 158° F)
Storage Temperature -55° to +150° C (-67° to 302° F)
Bi-directional Reading Capability Yes

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