The Grabba S-Series with Integrated Biometrics Sherlock Fingerprint Module completed a review conducted by representatives of the FBI and the MITRE laboratory located in Bedford, Massachusetts, resulting in a statement of full compliance with the “EBTS Appendix F Mobile ID FAP45 using Appendix F Specifications”.

On June 1st ,2016, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) certified the Grabba S-Series integrated with the Sherlock FAP45 module for fingerprint capture is in compliance with the FBI CJIS division’s Next Generation Identification System Image Quality Specification (IQS).

X000-IBS – Integrated Biometrics Fingerprint

This fingerprint module enables fingeprint capture in standalone applications, smartphones and tablets. It also includes dual at print and single-finger roll scan. Ideal for use with mobile computers, hand-held devices, smartphones and tablets.

Main features:

  • Flat Single Fingerprint capture
  • Flat Double fingerprint capture
  • Rolled Single fingerprint capture

Supported image formats Raw, JPEG2000, BMP, PNG, WSQ
Capture area (FAP45) 40mm x 38mm
Sensor Resolution 500 PPI

PDFIntegrated Biometrics Fingerprint Technical Specifications