Grabba Contact Smartcard readers are used to read national ID cards, transport, security, membership and stored payment cards. Common users are Law Enforcement, Government Departments, Public Infrastructure, Commercial Facilities, Club Membership Applications, Hospitality, Health Insurance Companies and Payment Verifiers.

Contact and contactless (HF RFID) Smartcards are widely used around the world. Grabba provides readers for both types, either alone, or in combination in the one Grabba unit, providing the user with a comprehensive solution for almost every application. To successfully implement a Contact Smartcard reading application you must know the specifications of the target card. If you are not sure, please send us a sample for evaluation.

The Grabba innovative and configurable design allows the user to select not only the correct Contact Smartcard reader, but also up to five other technologies to include in the one Grabba unit, so as to precisely and cost-effectively meet the needs of the use case. Those other technologies include Barcode scanners, MRZ (passport) readers, Fingerprint readers, RFID readers and Magnetic Stripe readers.

Another advantage of the unique Grabba design is that it allows Grabba units to be simply upgraded to work with later model smartphones and to add other technologies without the need to purchase new Grabba units. This substantially reduces the Total Cost of Ownership of Grabba units.

Read and Write to Microcontroller
Grabba Smartcard reader will read and write to the card microcontroller with T=0 (character-level transmission protocol, defined in ISO/IEC 7816-3) and T=1 (block-level transmission protocol, defined in ISO/IEC 7816-3) protocol.

Read and Write to Popular Memory Cards
It is compatible with popular Smartcards such as those from Siemens, ATmel and STMicroelectronics.

Solid Insertion
Our Smartcard reader has a solid insertion system, so when the card is inserted it is held by the reader, preventing the card from being accidentally disconnected.
Grabba Series X010
Smartcard Interface ISO 7816 Class A, B and C (5V, 3V, 1.8V) T=0 and T=1 communication protocol Communication Speed – 115200 baud
Supported memory card protocols SLE4432/42, SLE4418/28, Atmel - AT88SC06, AT24CO1-16, STMicroelectronics - I2C and XI2C. Others upon request
Smartcard contacts ISO 8 Position Sliding contacts Minimum 10,000 cycles ESD protection – >10KV Auto Deactivation of card contacts upon card removal.

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