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Grabba is a Built for Blackberry Partner and most Blackberry models are supported by the Grabba range.

The Grabba range of Data Capture attachments includes the S-Series and NCage. Now you can extend the use your BlackBerry Smartphones throughout your organisation into any environment you need. Whether at the mine site, on the trucks, in the warehouse or in the hands of office staff we have a Grabba to suit your worksite and your application.

All our Grabba devices are integrated into our Software Development kit so your software developer only has to write their application once. Never before has your developer been able to write the workplace application once and deploy it across the enterprise with such an array of Grabba devices.

With Grabba you can also mix and match technologies across your enterprise. Some may only need one technology (such as barcode scanning) while other tasks may need multiple technologies (such as barcode scanning, card reading and RFID). You can do all of this with Grabba attachments.

Take advantage NOW of the cost savings, efficiency, reliability and security of the Blackberry Smartphone and a Grabba.

A Software Developer Kit is available for developers approved by Grabba at the developer center.

Blackberry Supported Devices

Curve 8520/8530/9300/9330
Bold 9650
Bold 9700/9780
Tour 9630
Curve 8350i
Bold 9000
Curve 9320

Others Blackberry Devices (Legacy)

Curve 8900
Curve 8300 Series (Excludes 8350i)

Know what you need ?

build a grabba android apple

You can build your own grabba online

Build a Grabba

Software Developer Kit

grabba blackberry sdk

The Free Grabba SDK allows developers to fully integrate Grabba support into enterprise applications for Blackberry.

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grabba blackberry drivers

Keyboard wedge application and driver for Blackberry OS. The Grabba Driver can also be used to configure the device.

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