Request support form

If you have a Grabba device and require technical support then you should complete this form. The information on this form is passed directly to engineering who will respond to your enquiry. To help the speedy resolution of your support request please provide as much information as possible.

There are FAQs, Troubleshooting and Triage guides available here. Please check this section to see if this resolves your issue.

(If you wish to be contacted by phone)
Example: Samsung S6, iPhone 6/6S, etc

(Where to find this  Model number)

(Where to find this  Model number)

Online product support

There are many direct support resources for Grabba devices, including the product documentation, software downloads and troubleshooting information. You are also free to send a support request form to get further assistance.


For general inquiries about Grabba products and services contact Grabba or your distributor by phone or email.


Get developer tools, resources and information for the Grabba Devices at the Grabba Developer centre. Registration is free and comes with great benefits include direct engineering support.