Grabba is the world leading manufacturer of attachments for consumer Smartphones that make it possible to access and work with data available in symbols, tokens, forms of proof of identity and evidence of bundles of rights.

From commencement in Brisbane, Australia in 2001 as a business unit of Gripon Australia Pty Ltd, Grabba was spun out in August 2003 as Grabba International Pty Ltd . Grabba has focused upon enabling the use of consumer model hand held computers and Smart Phones for interactions with stores of information and for harnessing the ever increasing computing power available in these hand held devices for use in a wide range of enterprise activity.

By patient and consistent development of a professional team with the capacity to drive the business forward we are now recognised by our peers as the company that has set the pace in a global market.

Our Philosophy

From commencement, Grabba has been built to last. We are a focussed, principled company that is loyal to our stakeholders...
Our strategic management plan is predicated upon a clear statement of intention to always be the supplier of choice for customers. We strive hard to differentiate ourselves based on providing clever technology, elegant design, unique performance and fair pricing.

Our Growth

From commencement we have invested an average 20% of annual gross revenue in Research and Development in order to build capability across a broad range of technologies.

We have grown from having just two persons employed in 2003 to having thirty+. Our team of engineers has been built steadily and they are at the core of our capability and represent our investment in the future. Our investment in people and R&D has placed Grabba in a position whereby we can now confidently state that we are the world leading manufacturer for the target market.

Our US office has been operational since commencement and trades in North America as Grabba Inc. In the UK and in Europe we trade through London based Grabba Ltd.

Following our January 2008 acquisition of Fusion Sport Pty Ltd, Grabba transitioned from being a small scale business to become a professionally managed mid-size business.

In June 2009, in recognition of our transition and success over the past six years, Grabba was recognised as the Australian Technology Showcase “Member of the Year” and simultaneously was voted the “People’s Choice” out of the four finalists in a pitching session aimed at showcasing the business.

We have received a number of awards and recognitions including an award from BlackBerry for achievement as an Elite Member of the BlackBerry Alliance” while at the RIM WES 2010 in Orlando FL. On June 3rd, 2010 we were recognised as a Finalist again in the Australian Technology Showcase Business of the year award.

Our Operations

Grabba designs, develops and manufactures all of its products in Brisbane, Australia, drawing upon the talent of a great team of people and upon established relationships with suppliers of key components and services from across the globe.

We invest in our capacity to produce to meet significant orders on a just in time basis and our clever design facilitates that purpose. It is common practice for us to be able to ship most orders within two days of receipt. Larger orders are usually flagged to us by customers and distributors early enough for us to meet short lead times when needs arise.

Our global distributor and solution partner network reaches into almost every business vertical and into over 80 countries...

See listings of our Distributors, service centres and application partners in their respective places on our website.

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